Write A Minimum One Page Response Answering The Following Prompt

    In her foreword to Sula, Toni Morrison discusses the political role of literature and the decisions she made while writing Sula. In particular, she discusses her own discomfort with her first (untitled) Intro to the novel, the one with the (white “valley man”). She describes this intro as a “lobby” easing a reader in, and wishes instead that she had simply begun the novel with Shadrack and his National Suicide Day? What is the point of National Suicide Day? Why is it a fitting introduction to the characters who live in the “Bottom.”? What’s wrong with including a “lobby” to the novel, as she did?


    When you have submitted your assignment, please write a shorter summary in the Discussion Board, also Friday. By next Tuesday, respond to one of your peers’ summaries with  questions to answer as we move through the novel. 


    In addition, watch the first half of this documentary and think of an issue discussed within it that helps to explain the tone and style of Sula.



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