Argumentative Essay

The argumentive essay is a type of writing where the learner is required to justify his opinion in a given topic. It entails selection of a topic, finding the resource materials and presentation of the evidence.

Argumentative essay introduction

Unlike the other essays, argumentative essays should be formulated in a such a way that it leaves no doubt for the readers of the article. What distinguishes an argumentative essay from other academic papers is the amount of the research work involved. Usually, the paper appears longer than other essays as it demands a lot of detailed writing.
Argumentative essays depend mostly on secondary materials such as previously done research, literature and experiments conducted. In some cases, the argumentative essay may be formulated through the recording of the primary data from interviews, observations or surveys. Exhaustive research is essential as it makes the learner understand the subject thoroughly. The comprehensive work involved makes the content to appear bulky.

Argumentative essay topics

Looking for a subject, you can properly research? To find a good theme is a difficult but important task. Before you embark on a research topic, you should consider a creative idea that will make your essay achieve a high degree of persuasiveness. The higher the level of influence the more likely the reader will accept the writer’s opinion.

How to choose arguably issue

To ascertain that you have the right topic, you need to pick a subject of research. There is a wide variety of topics that can form the basis of your argumentative essay. However, you should ensure that the issue can be arguable. You should choose a topic that people have differing opinions. To capture the attention of the reader and make him/her side your views you should narrow the problem until it forms a single statement of your position. Your single statement should justify value, policy, definition or fact.

You can get the ideas from;

Use of the text books generates useful ideas in the writer’s mind. Studying the book provides ideas for the most conflicting ideas which can form a solid ground that can be used to write an argumentive essay. Professional writers note an idea, research on it, and find the differing opinions of the persons.
Youtube has useful information that can be helpful in finding the right idea. The title used in the youtube videos is an important asset that forms the primary idea or title. The choice of the topic should be tailored to bring in the pros and cons of the argument.
Magazines and newspapers from rich sources of generating argumentative essay. To back the research paper make sure you keep a copy of the source as they are used as reference materials.
Argumentative essay format
It follows the format of introduction, body, and conclusion. The three parts should be designed to meet the requirements and the target audience.
Argumentative essay utilizes the usage of the word to reach a concrete argument. The article should be designed in to bring the logic based on the writer’s view. Proper application of logic enables the readers to agree with the writer’s opinion. The well-designed format makes it possible based on the evidence presented. Following the formats makes it easy for the student to submit the essay.
The use of the language makes the argument essay a success. The researched material should be combined with final preparation of the format. The available rough data is essential as it’s used in the development of the final copy. At this stage, we have the combination of the ideas and the available evidence. The more the materials are available, the higher the chances that argumentative essay will be of high quality. Having rough format ensures that all documents get entered easily. In this way, you are guaranteed to save time while also preparing for other tasks.

The format used in writing argumentative essay should have:

The introduction– this section should have article statement that should give an insight of what the theme concerns. It should answer the questions of: What is this? Whats the importance of reading it? What needs to be done? The article statement(thesis) forms the backbone of the argumentive essay and the manner in which its drafted shapes the mood of the composition. The report introduces the reader to the conflicting ideas and the opinion of the writer. It develops the curiosity and hence read the whole paper in search of the truth. For this reason, you require having a professional opening line. We recommend learners to use the writing services as they have more expertise in the field. Engaging in essay writing enables writers to write a more compelling article.
In drafting the argumentative essay, we design it from the general information moving down to a more accurate information. It should have a background of the topic. It should give the direction the of the opinion. Be specific and support the idea using the data. The conclusion should wrap up the whole paper.