HCA 542 Journal

    This is a 5 week reflective journal, worth a total of 50 points, 10 points per entry.

    For five weeks, students are required to document and reflect on human resource issues encountered in his/her workplace. These can be personal experiences, observations or just HR functions that you would like to reflect on. In addition, this journal can be used to elaborate on topics discussed in the course, assignments or material covered in the text for learning purposes. If the student is not currently employed, an article specific to the current week's chapter topic should be researched and discussed for that week's entry.

    Final grading of your journal will include the following:

    Maintain confidentiality in all entries. Do not identify place of employment or employees.

    0 – 20 points: Student provides detailed documentation (average of 3/4 to 1 page) of human resources reflections, experiences and learning for all 5 weeks of journal.

    0 – 10 points: Entries are typically correct in grammar and format with minimal spelling errors. Information flows in a manner that makes sense and is easy to read and understand.

    0 – 20 points: Entries vary each week, exploring new topics and ideas. Student shows learning and reflection of new ideas and application of materials.

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