Temporal binding window of Audio-Visual Speech Stimuli in Infants

    And a discussion section summarising these results (the results were not significant, although the relationship was in the right direction)

    And try and explain why this occurred despite a strong literature background suggesting the hypothesis would be confirmed

    You could talk about, the stimuli used introducing noise into the data (the woman is looking down at first then looks up to talk, this breaking of eye contact could reduce looking time, maybe cite a study about direct gaze/breaking gaze with infants, and talk about how the movement could be distracting)

    In the discussion you could also discuss that there was very few participants (around 20) you could cite a power calculation and research about the correct sample size given the number of conditions and the fact you are working with infants (as there are 2 between conditions you would ideally have 20 infants per condition and maybe an additional 10 infants to account for drop outs and abnormalities)

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