Explain why leaves are green.

    1. Explain why leaves are green.  I want to know why LEAVES are green, so be sure to answer your question by mentioning the structures of the leaves that lend toward the green color. This is an anatomy question . . . so talk about leaf anatomy !!! Vocabulary is important.


    2.  In an experiment, isolated chloroplasts placed in a solution with the appropriate components can carry out ATP synthesis, Predict what would happen to the rate of photosynthesis if a compound is added to the solution that makes the thylakoid membranes freely permeable to hydrogen ions. Again, in order to get full credit, describe first how the ATP is normally generated in the light reactions and how that ATP is then used. Then answer the question.


    3.  What color of light is least effective in driving photosynthesis and why? Explain your answer !!!


    4.  A student runs 5 km each afternoon at a slow, leisurely pace. One day, she runs 2km as fast as she can. Afterward, she is winded and feels pain in her chest and leg muscles. She thought she was in great shape! What is she experiencing? Why is this process necessary?


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