Choose an ethical issue to discuss. Briefly introduce the issue.

    Your Final Assessment Essay will be a substantial product of 1000-1250 words. This initial draft was your starting point. You will now develop your draft into the finished essay, expanding in light of instructor feedback and your own continued thinking on the topic.


    Task for the essay:

    • Choose an ethical issue to discuss. Briefly introduce the issue.
    • Apply the three main normative ethical theories to the issue. Briefly explain each theory and apply each theory to the issue.
    • Would the theories agree or disagree on the issue? Explain.
    • What is your view on the ethics of the issue? Explain.
    • Essay should be 1000-1250 words.


    • Try to sustain an argument to prove your case.
    • Make sure that all technical philosophical terms from the course are clearly defined.
    • Grammar and spelling will make up at least 10% of the value of the grade given.
    • Use your own words as much as possible.
      • If you copy directly from any text, you must cite your source and the page number. Long quotes (25 words or more) should be avoided.
      • No more than 10% of any assignment should be direct quotes.
    • Refer to the general Guidelines on Good Essays.
    • The paper must be submitted to the appropriate assignment submission folder as an attachment in Word (or Word-compatible) format.

    I have my rough draft to use as a bas for the essay

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