4-1 discussion

    eflect on a time when you were part of a team. This may be during your current or previous professional career or your educational career. As you reflect on this experience, consider the following:

    • Which theory do you think was used to lead the team? Why?
    • How did the specific theory promote positive group behavior and performance?
    • How effective was this theory in leading the team and supporting the team dynamics?

    If you feel the theory that was used was not very effective, what alternative theory might have been used to lead your team? Why might this theory be more appropriate to lead the team and support the team dynamics?

    After your main post, respond to two of your classmates’ posts about their experience. Consider the following in your response:

    • Do you agree with their analysis of their team situation? Have you worked in a similar team or situation before?
    • Add your own perspective and/or discuss how you would handle a similar situation and/or team.

    To complete this assignment, review the  document.

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