Term 6 Unit 8 Discussions (3)

    * (CIS250 Advanced Excel)

    Please read the following article: Kirchen, P. (2020). . On Balance, 16(5), 3234.

    1. Explain      what Power Query is in Excel?
    2. Provide      an example of how this could be used differently from what is described in      the article.

    * (FIN201 Principles of Finance)

    Discussion Question: Please consider all of the skills gained throughout the course and discuss two financial management concepts/skills that will serve you greatest in your chosen field.  Provide examples of how this will prove beneficial going forward for you in your career specialty. 

    * (ENG130 Literature & Composition)

    Take a few minutes to watch this video that highlights Angela Duckworth’s novel, GRIT, The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

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    GRIT by Angela Duckworth | Animated CORE Message

    Duration: 6:18
    User: n/a – Added: 6/9/16

    YouTube URL:

    Initial Response:  How will your experiences in this course help you succeed in school, in life, and in your career, AND what is your plan to grow your GRIT? 

    Response:  In one response, answer this question: what have you learned about your own GRIT by taking this course? What questions about the course do you have that your classmates or instructor might consider?

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