Q. What is the function of the river in this novel?
    Thesis: The river presents Siddhartha’s spirituality, provides the way to his lust, and grants him true integrity. (you are welcome to revise, but should be deep, clear, and simple)

    build one point logically and thoroughly, using examples to support that point. use literary present tense and be clear and simple all the time. For the introduction paragraph (1st paragraph), introduce the general topic before you introduce the book, e.g. “For many millennia writers have tried to understand the meaning of life in their works. Herman Hesse, in his novel Siddhartha, grapples with the search for enlightenment.” don’t bouncing around!

    use MLA in-text citations and quotes from the Siddhartha.pdf

    1. Do you introduce the topic, title and author in your introduction? Is the thesis clear? Does it state a position, on that is “beyond obvious?”
    2. Does each body paragraph start with a clear topic sentence (or transition from the previous paragraph) that makes it clear to the reader the purpose of the paragraph or what part of the thesis it will prove?
    3. Does your conclusion restate your thesis? Does the conclusion summarize your essay, discuss implications, or end in some other strong fashion?
    4. Conventions: Did you follow conventions like third person POV, literary present tense when talking about the book, no contractions, etc.?

    remember, you need to explain the role of the river to Siddhartha.

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