Select A Large Multi-National Company

    As you learned from our readings this week, corporate strategies are key to organizational success and important to the long-term health of the company. 


    For this assignment, you will explore corporate strategies of multi-national companies. 


    Select a large multi-national company that you haven’t used (NOT Coca-Cola).  Using the list below, research, identify and evaluate on the following strategies for your chosen company. Not all strategies may be utilized, but in most cases they will be used.  If you do not see a specific one used by your chosen company, note why you believe it isn’t used and if it should be.


    Identify your chosen company and include a brief company summary before reporting on the strategies.


    Growth strategies

    Internal growth


    External growth


    Horizontal related integration


    Horizontal related diversification


    Conglomerate unrelated diversification


    Vertical integration


    Strategic alliances (partnerships)


    2.  Stability strategy


    3.  Retrenchment strategies








    You can use each strategy here as a heading in your paper.  You will need to draw your own strategy conclusions based off your company research. 

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