Nursing poster


    Perioperative Patient Education Poster

    You are required to develop an educational poster to communicate information to patients
    undergoing a surgical procedure. You may choose from a number of topics (see topic selection
    below). You need to seek evidence from sources such as research papers, systematic reviews,
    scholarly articles, textbooks, and medical-health related websites to ensure comprehensive
    evidence-based support for your topic.
    The poster must include the following:
    • Introduction – establish the significance/rationale for the patient education poster
    • Educational content supported with evidence based information and photographs to
    enhance the educational poster
    • Conclusion
    • Reference list
    Each poster will be assessed on the quality of the information presented as well as visual literacy (ability to
    attract the reader’s attention, convey information and generate discussion).

    Topics: choose from one (1) of the following topics:

    1. Postoperative management of pain and discomfort
    2. Potential for alteration in respiratory function postoperatively
    3. Potential for wound infection in the patient undergoing aortic valve replacement
    4. Pre-operative patient education for a patient undergoing an aortic valve replacement
    5. Transition in care for a patient post aortic valve replacement surgery going home
    6. The perioperative journey for a patient undergoing an aortic valve replacement

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