Logistics & Supply Chain Management



    SESSION 2018


    Logistics & Supply Chain Management




    Aims of the Module/Assessment:


    • Facilitate student appreciation of the strategic and competitive importance of logistics and supply chain management
    • Develop students critical understanding of methods, approaches and resources, that drive logistics and supply chain excellence for competing internationally


    The learning outcomes assessed in this assignment include the student’s ability to:


    • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the different types of strategic and added value that can be developed through enhanced logistics and supply chain management capabilities
    • Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the importance of partnerships and collaborative practice in driving supply chain excellence and capability
    • Critically assess the benefits and risks of international supply chains for different types of goods, services, organisations and in different contexts
    • Demonstrate an appreciation of the importance of risk management in the supply chain in terms of clients, suppliers and processes.
    • Examine and reflect on the relevance of particular functional elements in the supply chain, including purchasing, logistics and distribution and customer fulfillment.







    Assessment Specification:


    Word Limit:                                         2,500 words (+/- 10%) (2250 word is fine)

    Weighting:                                          50%

    Assignment Instrument:                      Report




    Stimulated by President Trump’s commitment to “Making America great again” and after 2020 the impact of “Brexit” (for both the remaining European Union countries and the United Kingdom), major FMCG companies will have to make strategic decisions on their current levels of “Offshoring” if they wish to remain competitive and attractive to their current and future Customers.


    Question :


    Choose a FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industry sector and outline that specific sector’s current approach to “Offshoring”.


    Taking into account all the known and potential threats, risks and opportunities for that industry evaluate the various options that would appear to be open.


    For a specific company within your chosen industry sector, appraise what decisions and actions they may considering taking and the justifications that support this.  

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