Any topic (writer’s choice)

    For this assignment, you need to reflect on the research that you have done on your research topic. Of the research journals that you have completed, pick the 5 most credible or most exhaustive sources that you have found and recorded. Then, you need to take those sources you have already found and create an annotated bibliography using those sources. Remember, these must be credible sources. Therefore, use the CRAAP test that we discussed in class and, if it is an electronic sources, check its domain name (use .edu, .gov and even some .org sites- AVOID .com websites for this assignment). Include the following in the annotation:

    *Document your sources in MLA style. A citation MUST be included before the annotation.

    In one substantial paragraphs (150-250 words each) write the annotation for each article, addressing the following:

        Summarize: Some annotations merely summarize the source. What is the point of this article? What topics are covered? If someone asked what this article is about, what would you say? The length of your annotations will determine how detailed your summary is.

        Assess: After summarizing a source, it will be helpful to evaluate it. Is it a useful source? Is the information reliable? Is this source biased or objective? What is the goal of this source?

        Correctly reference each article in MLA format.

        Each annotated bibliography should be in alphabetical order and double spaced in its entirety.

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